About the Journal

The vision of college is to provide an integral formation of prospective teachers and the promotion of educational research at the service of our youth for the establishment of a just and humane society. Having understood the crux of the vision of our college and in commemoration of the golden Jubilee Celebration of the college (2000) the management granted permission to publish a journal which will serve as the domain for dissemination of studies. Thus it launched a quarterly Journal entitled “Research and Reflections on Education”, to be published in January, April, July and October every Year. Research scholars from various universities benefit a lot as it provides the space to publish their research. Not only the scholars but the school teachers and other academicians too have contributed their research findings to the society.  Moreover , it played as a suitable platform for expressing their views on any topic related to educational policies, new teaching methods, innovation in learning practices as thematic article which helps to improve the education in the society and hence to establish a just and humane society. Book reviews are also published in our journal.

Though we started publishing in 2000, the journal was certified by the Registrar of Newspapers of India in the year 2003 with Register Number TNENG / 2003/ 10220. In 2008, the print version has been registered and assigned the number ISSN 0974 – 648X by National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources. It is a peer reviewed and refereed quarterly journal, valued for its quality. Till now, 375 research articles/papers have been published and more than 250 Colleges of Education and nearly 200 individuals are enjoying the fruit of our journal. To extend the circle of beneficiaries, from 2017 onwards we have made our journal as online