Format for Manuscript Preparation

Title of your work should be very concise and meaningful because titles of the manuscripts are often used to search the required contents by the users.
Author names
The author must provide (i) Name (ii)Job title (iii) Institution name.
In case of more than one author, the corresponding author’s full details including phone number should be provided.
An abstract should bring about the purpose of the study, methodology employed and findings of the study. It should not exceed 100 words.
Main Text
The main text should contain Introduction, Background of the study, Significance of the study, Objectives, Hypotheses, Methodology, Analysis of data, Findings and Interpretations, Educational Implications and reference. Make sure that every table or figure is referred in the text.
Authors are advised to follow the referencing style used by American Psychological Association (APA). Sixth Edition.
Manuscripts should be typed in MS Word, should be in English and should be sent online via e-mail and hard copy through post.
Font Style : Arial in 12 Point.
Length of paper
The length of the paper should not exceed 8 pages. Articles should be typed in 1.5 space on one side of the paper only (preferably A4)..